KDS on Campus

Kappa Delta Sigma sisters are all over St. Lawrence University. We pride ourselves for not only showing dedication to KDS, but also to other facets of campus life. Chances are that if you're interested in a group, club, team, or organization, there is a sister involved!

Thelomathesian Society: 
Kelly Appenzeller | Former President, Former Vice President of Senate Affairs
Annie Dietderich | Former Vice President of Senate Affairs
Sarah Evarts | Vice President

Mentors and Tutors:
Barbie Burgmeier | Math and Reading
Kelsey Colpitts | Community Mentors, Math and Reading
Caroline Fleischauer | WORD Studio, Math and Reading
Reka Lodinsky | WORD Studio
Krysten Koktowski | Advocates
Lizzie Bastien | Community Mentors
Annie Dietderich | Advocates
Jenna Street | QRC Mentor
Nikki Jewett | SLU Tutor
Kim Pollock | Math and Reading, Advocates
Claire Silberg | Math and Reading
Paige Friedlander | Advocates
Morgan O'Hare | Science Library Mentor
Julie Rogers | Community Mentor, WORD Studio

Honor Societies:
Kelly Appenzeller | Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Alpha
Colleen Bradley | Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Mu Epsilon, Psi Chi
Barbie Burgmeier | Gamma Sigma Alpha
Caroline Fleischauer | Gamma Sigma Alpha, Irving Bachelor Society
Paige Friedlander | Gamma Sigma Alpha
Krysten Koktowski | Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Alpha, Psi Chi, Lambda Alpha, Pi Sigma Alpha
McKenzie Goodwin | Psi Chi
Reka Lodinsky | Gamma Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa Secretary
Paige McGhee | Gamma Sigma Alpha, Charles Ives Society
Maddie Moore | Pi Sigma Alpha, Gamma Sigma Alpha
Bailey Phelps | Art & Art History Honorary Society, Gamma Sigma Alpha
Hannah Searle | Gamma Sigma Alpha, Alpha Delta Kappa
Claire Silberg | Psi Chi Vice President
Holly Stewart | Omicron Delta Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Alpha
Jenna Street | Pi Mu Epsilon Vice President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chi Alpha Sigma, Gamma Sigma Alpha
Annie Dietderich | Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Lambda Pi Eta
Jamie Tempesta | Psi Chi Secretary, Phi Sigma Tau President
Sarah DiBacco | Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Alpha
Emma Fleming | Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Delta Epsilon
Morgan O'Hare | Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Sigma Alpha

Kelly Appenzeller | Alpine Ski Team
Jenna Street | Varsity Volleyball Captain, Student Athletic Advisory Committee Secretary, Intramural Basketball
Jamie Tempesta | Riding Team, Intramural Basketball, Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Emma Fleming | Women's Soccer Team, Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Sarah Evarts | Women's Crew Team
Keckeley Habel | Women's Crew Team
Holly Gallup | Student Athletic Trainer, Club Ice Hockey
Kara Hurley | Women's Lacrosse Team
Lauren Nolan | Riding Team
Nicolette Celia | Student Athletic Trainer, Club Soccer
Caroline Fleischauer | Intramural Basketball, Figure Skating Club Co-President
Lizzie Bastien | Figure Skating Club Co-President
Brittney Ehrlich | Club Ski Team Treasurer
Holly Stewart | Club Broomball
Jaryn Waugh | Dance Team
Marisa Taro | Former Dance Team Treasurer
Bailey Phelps | Men's and Women's Hockey Filming

Community & Campus Outreach:
Lizzie Bastien | SLU Buddies President
Colleen Bradley | Former SLU Buddies
Liv Durocher | EMS Crew Chief
Jamie Tempesta | Costume Shop Manager of Hair and Makeup
Hannah Searle | Speak Out President & Co-Founder
Maddie Moore | SLU Buddies
Abby Haley | SLU Buddies, NCPR Development and Digital Media Intern
Morgan O'Hare | SLU Buddies
Jaryn Waugh | Alumni Office Intern
Krysten Koktowski | SLU Buddies, Vice Chief Justice of the Student Judiciary Board
Claire Silberg | NYSARC Community Arts Aide
Rachael Faust | Canton Community Outreach, Habitat for Humanity
Kelsey Smith | Habitat for Humanity
Annie Dietderich | Model OAS, SLU Republicans
Kara Hurley | Humane Society Volunteer
Caroline Fleischauer | Student Alumni Association, Communications Intern

Lizzie Bastien | Ambassador
Caroline Fleischauer | Ambassador
Courtney Mayers | Ambassador, Social Media Team
Bailey Phelps | Ambassador
Lexi Williams | Ambassador
Katie Bronchetti | Ambassador
Kate Brooker | Ambassador
McKenzie Goodwin | Ambassador
Paige Friedlander | Ambassador
Annie Dietderich | Ambassador
Sarah Evarts | Ambassador

Lizzie Bastien | Teaching
Holly Stewart | Teaching
Jenna Street | Teaching
Reka Lodinsky | Teaching
Nicolette Celia | Teaching
Sarah DiBacco | Teaching
Rachael Faust | Teaching
Julie Rogers | Teaching
Maddie Moore | Research
Emma Fleming | Research

Orientation Leaders:
Caroline Fleischauer
Bailey Phelps
Lexi Williams
Kate Brooker
Nicolette Celia
Paige Friedlander
Reka Lodinsky
Abby Haley
Julie Rogers

Jenna Street | Q-Club Vice President
Kelsey Colpitts | Environmental Action Organization
Barbie Burgmeier | Pre-Health Club
Jordan Ahrens | The Underground
Olivia Kolb | LINC, Club SLU Coordinator
Paige Friedlander | Pre-Health Club, Figure Skating Club
Morgan O'Hare | Pre-Health Club
Kelly Appenzeller | ACE Assistant Public Relations Chair
Kate Brooker | ACE
Lizzie Bastien | Literacy for Nepal President

Music & Dance:
Paige McGhee | Wind Ensemble
Kim Pollock | UpBeats
Claire Silberg | University Choir
Marisa Taro | Dance Ensemble, Student Choreographer
Barbie Burgmeier | University Choir
Lexi Williams | UpBeats
Katie Bronchetti | Singing Sinners, SLUfunk
Audrey Milazzo | Singing Sinners

Residence Life:
Helen Aufderheide | Former Community Assistant
Barbie Burgmeier | Former Community Assistant
Bailey Phelps | Former Community Assistant
Holly Stewart | Community Assistant
Morgan O'Hare | Former Community Assistant

Student Social Media Team: 
Kelly Appenzeller | Co-Founder
Paige Friedlander
Lexi Williams
Liz Miller

Panhellenic Council: 
Jordan Ahrens | Recruitment Chair
Sarah DiBacco | Communications Chair
Marisa Taro | Vice President
Morgan O'Hare | Philanthropy Chair
Kate Brooker | Delegate
Keckeley Habel | Chair of Academic Excellence
Colleen Bradley | Former Treasurer

Academic Honor Council: 
Caroline Flieschauer | President
Bailey Phelps
Sarah DiBacco
McKenzie Goodwin

Career Services: 
Kelly Appenzeller | Employee Relations Intern
Jamie Tempesta | Student Advisory Board

Calling All Saints:
Leah Ruggiero
Rachael Faust

Student Mail Center:
Colleen Bradley
Paige McGhee

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