Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bid Day

Happy Bid Day, ΚΔΣ! 

Many of you may know that we filled our house during Fall rush, which means that we were unable to take any new girls this semester. While we are bummed that there will be no new ΚΔΣ babies, we're immensely proud that we were the only house on campus to reach cap! 

While the other houses are busy celebrating their new members, the sisters of ΚΔΣ celebrated a little differently... We celebrated nearly 46 years of excellence.

The morning festivities began with a sister scavenger hunt! The thundering of our racing footsteps could be heard throughout the house as sisters took photos of important aspects of being a KDSer (teacups, the shield, singing the songs, etc.). We then took the time to recognize each other, for the best qualities of an individual are too often overlooked. Not only was it therapeutic to think about the positives for awhile, each sister left with compliments to keep the good vibes going! After flipping through old photographs (wow, there's some great ones), we finished up with a few neat crafts! 

A huge shoutout to the masterminds, sisters Emma Fleming '16 and Paige Friedlander '16 for all of your hard work creating a Bid Day worth remembering! 


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